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Yaganti - The Temple of Wonders

There are some temples that have a wonderful mythology attached. Some are rich in architectural splendor, others in the divinity and vibration that they generate. Very few have all these things intact even after several hundreds of years. One such temple is the Yaganti Sri Uma Maheswara Swamy Sivalayam

Amazing wonders of Yanganti Temple

Amazingly Growing Nandi

This Nandi does not sit on a pedestal of any kind, but is sprawled on the ground. The Archaeological Survey of India has observed it growing at the rate of one inch in every 20 years and so he has moved from being directly in front of the sanctum sanctorum to its right.

Yaganti Images

Wonders & Tourist Attractions

  • Amazingly growing rock Nandi
  • Interesting pushkarini - Temple's holy water tank
  • Akasha Deepam - lamp on the top of the pole like hill formation, which never lit off by strong wind also
  • Try to observe for crows here. You will never find one !!

Address of Yaganti

Yaganti village is located near to Banaganapalle town in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh state, India - 518124.

How to Reach

This temple connected by road and surrounding railway stations

  • Distance From: Hyderabad- 310 km, Vijayawada - 360 km, Bangaluru - 335 km, Kurnool - 90 km, Nandyal - 50 km.
  • Nearest Airport: Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vijayawada.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kurnool (from Hyderabad), Nandyal (from Vijayawada), Dhone (from Bangalore).
  • Nearest Bus Station: Yaganti, Banaganapalli - 11 km.

Where to Stay

Budget hotels at Yaganti, Banaganapalli. Good Hotels at Kurnool and Nandyal.

Things to Take Care

Best option is to stay at Kurnool or Nandyal where good hotels available and plan to visit Mahanandi, Ahobilam and Belum caves also.

Don't miss to visit old Nawab Bunglow (popular as Arundhati fort) near Banganapalli on the way to Yaganti.

Visiting Places near Yaganti Temple