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Ramappa The Amazing Temple

Ramappa Temple History

The name Ramappa temple brings to mind the intricate carvings and floating bricks. The 802 years old engineering marvels of Kakatiya regime craftsmanship. The temple is known for its elaborate carvings that speak volumes about the dexterity of craftsmen. According to inscriptions, it was said to be built in 1213 AD by Recharla Rudra, a general of Kakatiya king Ganapati Deva. The presiding deity here is Ramalingeswara Swamy.

Ramappa-Laknavaram Images

Wonders & Tourist Attractions

Wonder Factors of Ramappa Temple

  • The 802 years old engineering marvels of Kakatiya regime craftsmanship
  • Lord Ramalingeswara temple, famous for intricate carvings and floating bricks
  • Ramappa temple is named after sculptor, which unique as nowhere in the world
  • A flute at the entrance of sanctorum, when hit make the sound sa-ri-ga-ma
  • Pillars boast of fine carvings that one could pass a strand of hair through
  • A complete story of 'Ksheera sagar madhanam' was carved on one beam

Attractive Ramappa Lake

  • Constructed in 1300 AD, is a magnificient example of irrigation work of Kakatiya Rulers
  • Its water is spread over an area of more than 82 Sq.Kms with lush greenery all around
  • Over looked by beautiful hill ranges in the background providing a spectacular view
  • An excellent place for picnic, relax and boating
  • Lake view hotel and cafetaria

Pandava Caves

  • Legend is Pandavas lived here for a certain period of time
  • There are mural color paintings on these rocks
  • Some wonderful natural formations like chairs, concert etc.

Address of Ramappa Temple

Ramappa Temple is located in Govindaraopet Mandal, Warangal district of Telangana state. India - 506347.

How to Reach

Ramappa temple Laknavaram lake tourist map

  • Nearest Airport: Hyderabad
  • Nearest Bus Station: Mulugu (From here buses available to Ramappa and Laknavaram)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Warangal
  • Transport: It is a 3 hours drive from Hyderabad on Warangal highway then Ramappa or Laknavaram. There are frequent buses and trains till Warangal available from Hyderabad. Take the bus to Ramappa temple and Laknavaram from Warangal.

Where to Stay

Telangana state tourism providing staying facility for both the sites Ramappa Lake and Laknavaram Lake visit website for booking details

Where to Eat

Telanga Tourism's Haritha hotel providing food at cafetaria with nice view of lake.

Things to Take Care

Visit timings: 06.00am to 06.00pm

Visiting Places near Ramappa Temple

Visit Ramappa Laknavaram page (Click Here) to see about Laknavaram lake