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Wonder Temple of Mahanandi

The Mahanandi temple is famous for its fresh water pools, called Kalyani or Pushkarni. The architecture of the pools and temple shows the skill of the Vishwakarma Brahmins.

A peculiarity of the water source is that it has a constant flow irrespective of the change of seasons. The water source originates at the Garbhagruha (inner shrine) just below Swayambhu Linga. One can touch the water near the Shiva Linga (symbol of Shiva). The devotees can offer prayers and touch the Shiva Linga. This is unusual, because traditionally at temples, the main deity is kept away from the touch of the devotees.

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Wonders & Tourist Attractions

  • Mystic waterpools with crystalline and healing qualities
  • Beautiful forest around

Nava Nandis

  1. Prathama Nandi: This Nandi is situated upon a high soil base very nearer to Nandyal railway station.
  2. Naga Nandi: Naga Nandi is inside Anjaneya temple, which is located very near the Nandyal bus stand.
  3. Soma Nandi: Soma Nandi is towards east of Nandyal(almost inside nandyal town), very near the upcoming jagajanani temple.
  4. Surya Nandi: Surya Nandi is located on the road to Mahanandi. After about 4 miles from Nandyal look out for a sign called U.Bollavaram village and take the immediate right (identified by a arch erected on two large metal poles) and go for a kilometer to reach this temple.
  5. Shiva Nandi: Approximately 13 km away from Nandyal on the road to Mahanandi look out for Thimmavaram village and take a left after this. The small road is also a bus route and twists and turns to lead you to Shiva Nandi. A beautiful, but neglected temple constructed on the Chalukya Architecture lines. Kadamala Kaluva(canal)is a landmark. the temple is in Kadamala village.
  6. Vishnu(Krishna) Nandi: located on the road to Mahanandi, 2 miles before Mahanandi, take a left just adjacent to the Telugu ganga scheme canal and follow on the banks for about 4 Kms of rugged mud road to reach this beautifully serene temple. (proceeding further ahead and taking a left, ask for directions, one can reach Shiva nandi temple also).
  7. Garuda Nandi: When you go from Nandyal it is located just before the Mahanandi Temple after you cross the Big Nandi Statue.
  8. Mahanandi Temple: beautiful temple with natural springs(pushkarini) where one should have a holy dip before entering the temple, but it is suggested to avoid holidays and festival days as the crowd is too much.
  9. Vinayaka Nandi: Vinayaka Nandi is situated towards northwest of Mahanandi Temple. It is a small temple located to left of the exit Gopuram as you come out.

Address of Mahanandi

Mahanandi Temple is near to Nandyala Town in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh state, India - 581501

How to Reach

Mahanandi located 15km from Nandyal town, which is connected by rail and road ways.
  • Distance From: Hyderabad - 300 km, Vijayawada - 315 km, Kurnool - 92 km
  • Nearest Airport: Hyderabad, Vijayawada
  • Nearest Bus Station: Nandyala
  • Nearest Railway Station: Nandyala
  • Transport: Nandyala railway station is on Vijaywada - Bengaluru route. Frequest buses, trains available.

Where to Stay

Devasthanam choultries available at Mahanandi. Decent lodges are there in Nandyal town.

Best Season & Time to Visit

All seasons particulary Kartheeka masam (Nov to Dec)

Festivals / Events

Lord Shiva is the deity worshipped here and hence Shivaratri is the most famous festival celebrated in the Mahanandi Temple. Lakhs of devotees assemble here to bow before the Lord on this auspicious occasion. There are various religious functions and rituals held in the temple precincts and surrounding villages on this occasion.

Other festivals observed here include the Karthika Pournami, Ugadi Utsavam, Vinayaka Chaturthi, Rama Navami, Paruveta Utsavam and Vaikunta Ekadashi.

Visiting Places near Mahanandi