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Guthikonda Bilam (Cave) and 3 Waterpools Inside

Bilam is a Sanskrit word Which means Cave. Guthikonda is a Name of Village. Guthikonda Caves (also spelt as Guttikonda Caves) have been tantalizing archeologists and historians for ages since they are repositories of mysteries of India’s ancient heritage. Located in the Nallamala forests, Guthikonda caves will interest tourists as they are magnificent natural formations that will enable you to appreciate the inconceivable creations of nature. The enchantment of the caves is that once upon a time, these caves were inhabited by people belonging to prehistoric times. Archaeological excavations have unearthed a sword holder from these caves belonging to the antediluvian era.

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Wonders & Tourist Attractions

  • Wonderful natural formations that will enable you to appreciate the inconceivable creations of nature
  • water pools beneath the hill inside a cave
  • Shivalingam inside the cave
  • A big canal near by to take a swim (dry in summer)
  • surrounded by forest with full of greenery.

Address of Guthikonda Bilam

Guthikonda Bilam is located near Guthikonda Village, Piduguralla Mandal in Guntur District of Andhra Pradesh State, India - 522413

How to Reach

Guttikonda cave is located near Guttikonda village on Nekarikallu - Karempudi road, near to Piduguralla town.

  • Distance From: Hyderabad- 216 km, Vijayawada - 120 km, Guntur - 80 km, Piduguralla - 20 km.
  • Nearest Airport: Hyderabad, Vijayawada.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Piduguralla - 19 km (Hyderabad - Guntur line)
  • Nearest Bus Station: Piduguralla, Karempudi - 18 km, Nakarikallu - 18 km.
  • Transport: Piduguralla town is well connected by road and railways (Hyderabad - Guntur road)

    1.Reach Piduguralla and hire a vehicle from there.

    2.Take a Karempudi bus at Nekarikallu and get down at Guthikonda village (4 km), hire a vehicle from there.

Where to Stay

Budget hotels available at Piduguralla, Narasaraopet town(38 km). Good hotels available in Guntur City.

Best Season & Time to Visit

Avoid April to June because of heat and humidity.

Things to Take Care

Guthikona Bilam is the forest and nothing is accessible within 4 km. So carry enough water and food.

Carry a torch light to explore the cave

Visiting Places near Guthikonda Caves