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Matralayam - Sri Raghavendra Swamy Temple

Matralayam is a famous abode of Sri Guru Raghavendra swamy. He is a famous teacher and a devotee of Sri Rama. It is also believed that Swamy is an another incarnation of Lord Hanuman. Guru Raghavendra Swamy is very powerful and is most worshipped by Kannadigaas and Telugu people.

Mantralayam Temple Images

Pilgrim Places to Visit

  • The amazing peace you find inside the temple. Do meditate for a while before the Vrindavan of the Guru. You attain amazing peace!
  • Manchalamma devi temple
  • Panchamukha Anjaneya swamy temple
  • Shivalingams in Tungabhadra river
  • The lip smacking food offered by the temple annadanam scheme.
  • The panchamrutam (mixture of milk, curd, honey, banana and ghee) served at the counter for free. One glass fills your tummy while providing health and energy.
  • Bathing in Tungabhadra river and boating on small round boat

Where is Mantralayam

Mantralayam town is located in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh state, India - 518345

How to Reach

Matralayam town is located 73 km away from Kurnool city, which is connected by NH7 and railway.

  • Distance From: Kurnool - 73 km, Bellary - 121 km, Hyderabad - 281 km
  • Nearest Airport: Hyderabad
  • Nearest Bus Station: Mantralyam
  • Nearest Railway Station: Mantralayam Road (15 km)
Transport: Frequent buses from Kurnool, Adoni.If one is planning to travel by car, the road is very bad for at least upto 3-4 kms and the remaining is very scenic and utterly peaceful. One can observe the villagers lifestyle and the beauty of cotton, onion , rice and banana fields on the way. Small lakes and channels of water are present en-route the temple, it is advised to study the weather before hand and begin their trip.

Where to Stay

Number of hotels are available. Raghavendra mutt also provides accommodation in their cottages. Pre-booking may not be necessary.

Best Season & Time to Visit

Mantralayam experiences extremely hot and humid summers.


Pooja items at big shopping complex at the temple premises

Festivals & Events

The annual festival is celebrated in August, which is attended by the large number of pilgrims, including Lingayats from the Bombay, the Nizam's Dominions and even Mysore.

Things to Take Care

  • Gents must take off their shirts and banyans before entering the temple and women are dvised to wear sarees only.
  • Carry glasses of steel or use and throw away type to drink panchamrutam or water during meals at the annadaanam hall.

Visiting Places near Mantralayam