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Kaleshwaram - Lord Shiva Temple

The Mukteeshwara Swamy Temple is uniquely significant because of the two Shiva Lingas found on a single Panavattam (pedestal). They are named known as Kaleshwara and Mukteeswara representing Lord Yama and Lord Shiva. Kaleshwaram is located exactly at the merging point of the Godavari River and its tributary, the River Pranahita. People believe that there is another river named saraswathi which flows as Antarvahini i.e. flowing under godavari and pranahita, therefore calling the meeting point as Triveni Sangamam (Three rivers confluence).

Kaleshwaram Temple Images

Pilgrim Attractions

  • Ancient and unique temple having two Shivalingams on one Panavattam
  • Four doored sanctum sanctorum like Kashi
  • Wonderful nasal passage of Muktheeswara Lingam
  • Triveni Sangamam - Merger point of Godavari, Pranahita and Saraswathi
  • Aadi Muktheeswara temple and Vibhuthi stones
  • Shubhananda (goddess Parvathi) Temple
  • Maha Saraswathi devi temple
  • Sangameshwara, Datthatreya and Sun temples
  • Ashta Thirthas - Brahma, Chitsukha, Gnana, Pakshi, Sangama, Nrusimha, Hanuma, Vyasa
  • Yamakonam - Pass through to get rid of Yamagandams

Where is Kaleshwaram

Kaleshwaram is located in Mahadevpur Mandal, Karimnagar District of Telangana state, India - 505504.

How to Reach

  • Nearest Town: Mahadevpur - 17km
  • Distance: Hyderabad - 261km, Warangal - 120km, Karimnagar - 132km
  • Nearest Airport: Hyderabad
  • Nearest Bus Station: Kaleshwaram
  • Nearest Railway Station: Peddapalli - 68km (Major stop on Khazipet - New Delhi line)
  • Transport: There are 2 routes to approach Kaleshwaram. One is from Warangal and the other is from Karimnagar Via Manthani. Buses run from Hyderabad, Waranagal and Karimnagar regularly.

Where to Stay

Devasthanam choultries and cottages available for stay.

Festivals / Events

Shivarathri (feb) and Kartheeka Maasam (Nov & Dec) festivals are celebrated here in gradeur

Worship & Darshan Timings

  • 07.00am to 12.30pm  Darshanam
  • 01.00pm to 03.30pm  Break
  • 03.30pm to 08.00pm  Darshanam

Pooja Timings

  • 04.30am to 05.30am  Suprabhata Seva
  • 05.30am to 06.30am  Abhishekam, Archana to Shubhananda Matha and Poojas
  • 09.30am to 10.30am  Shashwatha Siva Kalyanam
  • 12.30pm to 01.00pm  Annapuja, Mahanivedana
  • 06.00pm to 07.30pm  Pradoshakala Puja
  • 07.30pm to 08.00pm  Bhajana, Nivedana, Harathi, Nirajanam, Mantrapushpam & Prasadam

Things to Take Care

  • First offer Puja to Kaleshwara Lingam and then to Muktheeswara Lingam.
  • The last 20km of road to Kaleshwaram is passes through forest. So take enough care not to get into trouble.

Visiting Places near Kaleshwaram