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Guruvayur - Sri Krishna Temple

The Guruvayur / Guruvayoor Sri Krishna Temple is one of the most important and sacred pilgrim centres of Kerala. The presiding deity is Maha Vishnu, in standing posture with four hands carrying Sankhu(conch), Sudarshana chakram (a serrated disk), lotus and mace. He is worshipped as Balakrishna, the full avatar (Purnaavatara) of Mahavishnu, who is also known in the name of Guruvayurappan. The idol is made of a rare stone known as Patala Anjana. Set amid the swaying coconut palms, Guruvayur has the scenic beauty characteristic of Kerala.

Guruvayur Temple Images

Pilgrim Attractions

  • The Krishna temple is one of the five famous Krishna / Vishnu temples in India
  • The idol of the presiding deity is made of a mixture called Padala Anjanam
  • This temple known as 'Bhooloka Vaikunta', believed to be at least 5000 years old
  • Beautifully lined up wall lamps inside temple brings a sense of glory in the evenings
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  • Parthasarathi Temple
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  • Perunthatta Shiva Temple
  • Tamarayur Vishnu Temple
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  • Chettuva backwater and Blangad Beach

Where is Guruvayur

Guruvayoor city is located in Thrissur district of Kerala state, India - 680101.

How to Reach

  • Distance From: Thrissur - 28 km, Kochi - 93 km, Alappuzha - 140 km, Coimbatore - 140 km
  • Nearest Airport: Cochin International - 76km
  • Nearest Bus Station: Guruvayur
  • Nearest Railway Station: Guruvayur
  • Transport: Guruvayur is near Thrissur city and well connected by road and railways.

Where to Stay

Many hotels from budget to luxury available for pilgrims stay.

Festivals / Events

  • Ulsavam (Annual Festival) : This is conducted in the month of Kumbha - 10 days - (Feb-March)
  • Vishu: The Malayali New Year day falls on the 1st of Medam month - (mid April)
  • Vaishaka: The lunar month from the day following the new moon of Medam - (April-May)
  • Ashtami Rohini: In the month of Chingam, under the Rohini Nakshatra - (July-Aug)

Worship & Darshan Timings

  • 03.00am to 03.20am  Nirmalya Darshanam
  • 09.00am to 11.30am  Darshanam
  • 12.30pm to 04.30pm  Break
  • 05.00pm to 06.15pm  Darshanam
  • 06.45pm to 07.30pm  Darshanam

Pooja Timings

  • 03.20am to 03.30am  Thilabhishekam, Vakacharth & Sankabhishekam
  • 03.30am to 04.15am  Alankaram & Malar Naivedyam
  • 04.15am to 04.30am  Usha Naivedyam & Usha pooja
  • 04.30am to 06.15am  Ethirettu Pooja
  • 06.15am to 07.00am  Siveli
  • 07.00am to 09.00am  Palabhishekam, Navabhishekam, Pantiradi naivedyam & Pooja
  • 11.30am to 12.30pm  Ucha Pooja
  • 04.30pm to 05.30pm  Siveli
  • 06.15pm to 06.45pm  Deeparadhana
  • 07.30pm to 08.15pm  Athazha Pooja & Athazha Naivedyam
  • 08.45pm to 09.00pm  Athazha Siveli
  • 09.00pm to 09.15am  Tripuka & Olavayana


The main shrine is surrounded by clothe and souvenir shops

Things to Take Care

The must follow dress code is made for the devotees, who wish to enter the temple. Men are to wear only white or silk 'Dhothi' or 'Mundu' while women are to wear Saree, Chudidar or traditional Kerala dresses.

Non Hindus are not allowed even inside the perimeter of the temple complex

Visiting Places near Guruvayur