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Nandi Hills - Historical & Picnic Spot

Nandi Hills has been a favourite picnic place for young enthusiasts on a weekend. The pleasant climate appeals to the old and the young alike. Lovers and honey mooners, in search of a quiet, beautiful place, and families on economised budget prefer Nandi Hills. Historians can find a wealth of information and the spiritual minded, peace and tranquility.

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Tourist Attractions

  • Amruth Sarovar - A beautiful water lake that brims with lucid water all the year round
  • Tippus Summer Palace and Fort
  • Gavi Veerabhadra Swamy Temple - natural formation of huge boulders has been transformed into a temple
  • Fort - The fort is on a sprawling area of 90 acres and is above 4851 feet above sea level
  • Horse Way - A stone doorway in the fort on the North-eastern side for soldiers to climb the wall
  • Palar River Origin - takes its birth as a small spring on the eastern side of the hill
  • Brahmashrama - A serene place for the spiritual minded, this ashram is built by huge natural boulders
  • Tippu Drop - During Tippus reign, criminals were dropped to their death as punishment at this point
  • Arkavathi River Origin - takes its birth on the south-west of the hill
  • Secret Passage - It is on the west and believed escape route of Kings during unforseen attacks
  • Childrens playground
  • Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple at down hill dates back to 9th Century with exquisite, intricate carvings
  • Muddena Halli museum (21 km from Nandi Hills), birthplace and home of Sir. M. Vishveswarayya
  • Paragliding - Nandi Hills is one of the unique place in Karnataka which offers paragliding activity

Where is Nandi Hills

Nandi Hill Station located near Bangalore city in Chikkaballapura district of Karnataka state, India - 562101.

How to Reach

Nandi hills located just 62km away from Bengaluru city

  • Distance From: Chikkaballapura - 21 km, Hindupur - 84 km, Anantapur - 184 km, Tirupati - 239 km
  • Nearest Airport: Bangalore
  • Nearest Bus Station: Devanahalli - 25 km, Chikballapur - 23 km
  • Nearest Railway Station: Devanahalli, Chikkaballapura
  • Transport: On Bangalore Bellary road, reach Devanahalli cross, which is on the 36 th milestone. Take the deviation on the left and travel 11 kilometers to reach Nandi cross. The foot of the hill is 3 kilometers from here. On the Doddaballapur road, turn right to reach the road that leads to the top of the hill. From the foot is 8 kilometers of the top.

Where to Stay

Nandi Hills provides modern, well-furnished accommodation for tourists. Nehru House, formerly Cubbon House, build by Lord Cubbon has 18 rooms and available for tourist.

Where to Eat

The Horticulture Department runs a vegetarian restaurant and the Karnataka Tourism Department runs a vegetarian / non-vegetarian restaurant "MAYURA".

Things to Take Care

  • Timings : Nandi hills is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Climate : The temperature is 25 to 28 centigrade during summer and 8 to 10 centigrade in winter
  • Beware of monkeys!

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