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Bandipur National Park & Tiger Reserve

Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve is where the Deccan Plateau meets the Western Ghats and the altitude of the park ranges from 680 meters (2,230 ft) to 1,454 meters (4,770 ft). As a result, the park has a variety of biomes including dry deciduous forests, moist deciduous forests and shrublands. The wide range of habitats help support a diverse range of organisms. The park is flanked by the Kabini river in the north and the Moyar river in the south. The Nugu river runs through the park. The highest point in the park is on a hill called Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta, where there is a Hindu temple at the summit.

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Tourist Attractions

  • National Park and Tiger Reserve situated in the lush green forest of Western Ghats
  • Dry and moist deciduous forests and shrublands
  • Home to wide range of habitats like wild animals, snakes and birds etc.
  • Unique and exiting wildlife safari

Wild animals

  • elephants and tigers
  • gaur and Chital
  • leopards
  • porcupine
  • black-naped hare
  • civets
  • giant squirrel
  • muntjac
  • mouse deer
  • wild pigs
  • even sloth bears
  • Three different species of mongoose


  • Indian Monitor,
  • rat snake,
  • common cobra,
  • Python
  • Russell’s viper
  • arachnids

The woodland variety of birds

  • Grey Heron
  • Little Egret
  • Little Cormorant
  • the Spotbill
  • Kingfisher
  • White-breasted Waterhen
  • Red-wattled Lapwings
  • Yellow-crowned Woodpecker
  • nightjars
  • Greater Coucal
  • Indian Pitta
  • Collared Scops Owl
  • Rose-Ringed ALexandrine
  • Plum-headed Yellow-footed Green Pigeons
  • Green Imperial Pigeon
  • White-Spotted Fantail
  • Hill Myna
  • Malabar Whistling Thrush
  • Brahminy Starling
  • Fairy Bluebird
  • Black-hooded and Golden Orioles
  • Chestnut-headed and Little Green Bee-eaters
  • the Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher
  • Malabar Pied Hornbill
  • the Malabar Trogon
  • Osprey
  • Indian Roller
  • eregrine Falcon
  • Changeable Hawk Eagles
  • Peregrine Falcon
  • white-rumped
  • King and Scavenger Vultures

Where is Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is located in Gundlupet Taluk, Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka state, India - 571126.

How to Reach

Bandipur National Park is on Mysore - Ooty road (Highway 212 & 67).

  • Nearest Town: Gundlupete - 20 km
  • Distance From: Bengaluru - 222 km, Erode - 190 km, Kozhikode - 171 km, Mysuru - 77 km, Ooty - 49 km
  • Nearest Airport: Bangalore
  • Nearest Bus Station: Gundlupet
  • Nearest Railway Station: Mysore, Chamarajanagar - 53km

Where to Stay

Govt. Forest Dept Guest House is general option.

There are a list of premium, luxury, budget hotels and resorts as per comfort accommodation in Mudumalai.

  • Jungle Lodges and Resorts:
  • Cicada:
  • Tusker Trails: http://

Luxury / Budget Accommodation>

  • Jungle Home Guest House, Mudumalai
  • Forest Guest House, Bandipur
  • Tiger Ranch, Mangala
  • Country Club, Bush Betta, Mangala
  • Nilgiris Resort, Hangala
  • MC Resorts, Hangala
  • Dhole's Den, Hangala

Where to Eat

All hotels and resorts provide local and continental food varieties.

Things to Take Care

Traveller has plan safari according to the available timings.

Bandipur Van safari Timings.


  • First Trip: 06:30am to 09:00am.
  • Second Trip: 08.00am to 09.300am.


  • First Trip: 03:30pm to 06:00pm.
  • Second Trip: 05:00pm to 06:30pm.

Approx Rs.3500 per Jeep (maximum six people allowed).

Online booking:

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