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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

How can I travel around South India by public transport?

Air tranport connects major cities in India. Railway transport is the big network connecting entire India. Road transport and pubic bus services by state governments connect interior places also. Cab facilities available in cities. Auto rickshwas are predominant transport modes for short distance travel.

How can I pay in India?

India official currency is rupee. You can exchange any foreign currency in Indian airports, banks and money exchange centres.

What are the average prices of some basic foods in shops or restaurants in India?

Food is not so expensive in India. You can get lavish Indian lunch within 200 rupees. The prices of continental food varities depends on the area and luxury of the hotel.

What documents are needed if traveling by car?

If you are hiring a car and driver, you do not have to have produce any documents. For self driving you need driving licence issued in India or International driving licence along with other car documents.

How to stay in South India?

The options range from budget hotels to luxury resorts. The availability depends on the area you are travelling to. Popular destinations give you the facility of prior booking online. giving you required information about staying and booking facility for all tourist places listed in the site.

Where can I obtain more information about India, its history, culture and people? is giving all necessary information about the important places listed in the site. For more information contact: India Ministry of Tourism at

Where can I obtain information about the events in South India? is giving events information in South India. For more information you have to follow daily news papers like The Hindu, Deccan Chronical, Times of India etc.